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Tu quoque Slava

I think it was a sort of preplanned devorce .
Surkov was tired to be the Kremlin toy boy, actually that was his role, and Putin still stuck on old schemes, doesn't need him anymore .
I'm happy for Slava .
He has a bright mind despite defects, and deserves more than current Russia can give him .

Instagram star

Satira sull'incendio a Grozny, due giovani
condannati a «pulire e lavare» il grattacielo

Il presidente ceceno Kadyrov in tv con i gli autori dei fotomontaggi apparsi sul web: «Dovranno tirare a lucido l’intera area»

It kinda made news also here in Italy, this story of Ramzan forcing the boys to work at the building restoring, as punishment .
I think the message that all this was done simply to educate the boys to respect, did not actually pass .
They think he just did as revenge .
Here Kadyrov is still seen as the dictator, and this also due to the bad reputation spread by local human rights organisations coming every now and then in Chechnya .
After they come back here, they tell us about how bad is life there, same old trick .
It attracts attention also the fact that Ramzan has become a sort of instagram star .
Our politicians are mainly on facebook and twitter .
Instagram not that famous yet .
Saw a picture with Ornella Muti .
She must have had good time there .
Sooner or later I must make a trip .

Small foxes
И каков же в целом итог 12-летнего всевластия кремлёвского кукловода-демиурга? Технически безупречно. Эта помесь византизма с постмодерном войдёт в учебники наиболее успешных форм колоссального социального надувательства в исторических масштабах. Вместе с тем, это был триумф бессмыслицы, дурного вкуса и похабщины. Окажется ли эта теневая сторона сурковщины фатальной для страны и для Путина? Может и окажется. Как знать. А может как-то всё и выправится. Но факт в том, что второго Суркова найти не удастся. В конце концов, это была лишь функция — пришедшаяся ко времени и к месту циничная и эффективная индивидуальность, точно соответствующая духу безвременья, компромисса, социального слабоумия и дерзкой (подчас вполне «державной», а значит, полезной) лжи.Dugin

When the fox can't get to the grape, he says it is bad .

During the last months of Surkov kingdom, Dugin and his adepts were his fiercest critics .
Partly of course this was Putin's strategy to distance himself from the man that Russia thought to be the source of all evils, and partly it was just envy to get an official post which the professor knows, he will never get .
Only time will tell who's been a real political genius and who just earned money from books .
Long life to Slava .

Лорд premier
That was quite one hell of a move, though already announced by the press .
I read that the whole thing was planned to kick out Kadyrov cousin, without making it seem so .
I might be wrong but I think it is something else .
Indeed the Chechen president cannot be satisfied with the performance of his government, specially on the economic side, but probably he chose this moment to start a new path together with Putin .
He knows that the current president loves to be loved and celebrated, so he put on a timely reshuffle .
Given mr. Daudov background and fame, it may also be that he is not feeling safe actually, but we will see.

Sands forever
Песков вернется в Кремль, но с повышением, сообщили сразу несколько чиновников Кремля и Белого дома. Путин очень ценит его вклад в президентскую кампанию, отмечает один из собеседников «Ведомостей», ведь Песков выступал еще и в роли официального представителя Общероссийского народного фронта. Он может занять пост помощника или замруководителя администрации президента, получив должность Громова или Сергея Приходько, помощника президента по международным делам.

Песков начинал карьеру и 11 лет проработал в системе МИД. Приходько уже 15 лет на одном посту.

Занимая одновременно пост замруководителя аппарата правительства, Песков отвечал за развитие культуры и формирование позитивного образа России за рубежом. «Песков был не просто говорящий головой, а организатором информационной кампании Путина», — говорит сотрудник аппарата правительства.

Despite his father being a respected diplomat, not clear how he passed from missions in Turkey to the Kremlin and there is no literature available, at least online .
Dmitry is a very smart guy, so he always finds a way .
Sometimes though, he is too much pressed by Putin's unusual moves and speeches .
Since last year he went banana too many times .
I think he would be more relaxed and fit in some other role .
Deputy head for me is fine .
Best of luck, old fox .

The right decision
“I believe that in the current public situation it is more important for me to remain a civil activist because other changes in society now depend not on the authorities but on society,”ria

Despite not being a great fan of Transparency, because if one checks their criteria and questions to establish the level of corruption of a country, finds quite puzzling to understand how they can be believed reliable, I have a great opinion of Elena .
She is definitely a great person .
But more than a civil activist, she is a real opponent of the current establishment, that is, she is politically involved , so I could never understand how she could sit at a governmental body .
The move was probably due to Vladimir Putin coming back as president, but if she thinks she cannot handle him, that is her own busines, Russia doesn't need more problems .
So kudos to her, and all the best for her life .

Golden boy is back
Surkov’s new career turn is widely viewed by experts as “the grim tandem,” the daily said. Alexei Makarkin from the Center for Political Technologies think-tank told the daily that Surkov’s return to domestic politics was logical since he had been viewed as a person from Medvedev’s team.ria

But has he ever been away ?


Bureaucratic ordeal

I am sorry to hear about Miriam Elder's experience at the dry cleaners, in which she lost her receipt and so had an hour of her time "stolen" in providing the necessary personal details to retrieve her woollies (Red-tape Russia, G2, 24 April). But I am also amazed that this anecdote can be passed off as any sort of insight into the state of Russia today.

By all means, the Russian government understands there is work to do in cutting red tape: it is a high priority and we have seen substantial progress in recent years, as foreign businessmen operating here testify. Moreover, other countries, the UK included, have room for improvement on this front too. 

Let me remind British readers of the thousands of hours that are "stolen" from Russian citizens when they complete the UK's visa application forms, which are a whopping 10 pages. The time, money, effort and inconvenience that Russians face in obtaining UK visas put Ms Elder's ordeal into perspective.
Dmitry Peskov
Spokesman for Vladimir Putin

Of all the trash that the guardian blogger usually writes about Russia, this was the least to deserve a direct answer .
I'm disappointed by Peskov . Quite an unusual move from him .

Of all the trash

Also machines do not want him
TMNews - Russia, intoppo per Medvedev: l'urna respinge la scheda -VideoDoc

The essence of the story

Грани.Ру | Александр Гольдфарб: «Раскаяние» отца Литвиненко - грязная предвыборная технология Путина

За последние сутки скандал, связанный с интервью отца Александра Литвиненко Первому каналу, разросся до глобальной сенсации, став пропагандистской победой Путина. Кандидат в президенты, которого враги называют главой клана жуликов и воров, предстал в виде жертвы ложных обвинений в убийстве, состряпанных мировой закулисой. То, как это выглядит на Первом канале, не может не вызвать шока и сострадания: одинокий старик живет на чужбине, не зная языка, не понимая местной культуры, в полной безвестности. Недавно у него умерла жена. Добавьте к этому нищету и обиду человека, которого враги России использовали и выкинули за ненадобностью. И за всем этим - зловещий монстр Березовский, антипод светлого образа Большого кремлевского брата. А за Березовским - еще более зловещие британские спецслужбы, алчущие развала России. Скрытый месседж для впечатлительных телезрителей: пойдете против Путина на поводу у врагов родины - закончите как Вальтер Литвиненко. Душераздирающие кадры, в которых з

They used Litvinenko and his family for years during their war against Putin, and now that there is no juice anymore, they want to get rid of them .
But first of course they want us to believe in their samaritan activities and to throw responsibility on Putin .
May God forgive them .